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How to Remove Blackheads? – Simple Remedies

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How to remove blackheads is a frequently asked question of many sufferers.  There are a wide range of solutions on how to remove blackheads from the face. However the face is not the only place that can get blackheads, sometimes they can appear on the back, nose, and other parts of the body, so it is good to know how to remove blackheads from all parts of the body.

The #1 Reason for Learning How to Remove Blackheads

The number one reason for learning how to remove blackheads is due to the stigma that many with this condition experience.  When blackheads appear on your face they can bring about issues with low self-esteem and lack of confidence especially when facing a multitude of people.

Four Simple Tips on How to Remove Blackheads

  • Wash Face Daily
  • Use medicated soaps and creams
  • Periodic Facial Scrubs
  • Use Honey as a Natural Moisturizer


How to remove blackheads can be accomplished through establishing the specific problem your skin could be having. Sometimes blackheads do not appear because of poor hygiene, oily skin is a known cause for blackheads. Oily skin can clog the pores, so it is really important to wash the face especially if you wear makeup.  It is also important to keep your hands off the skin most of the time during the day.  During the day when you are out and about, make sure your hands are clean always and away from your face.  Adding this as a daily routine is the first tip on how to remove blackheads.

Secondly there are other commercial solutions on how to remove blackheads but make sure you do your homework before buying buying them.  Stay with medicated soaps and creams when trying to treat this condition.  However, if you are applying a medicated soap or cream to the face, make sure that they are both mild.  Some creams can bring about inflammation, so to start, it would probably be in your best interest to do a small skin test.   Usually most creams are best when applied twice in a day. Creams for blackheads are also available in drug stores with prescription so grab one and apply it as an aid and second tip on  how to remove blackheads.

A third tip on How to remove blackheads is through the use of facial scrubs.  Since facial scrubs are cheap enough this will be the perfect choice to make to ensure that you are not spending too much money for treating your condition. Sometimes concealers are not good for the face as they block all the pores making it hard for the skin to breath. The best scrubs are the ones from deep sea product, these are made naturally from mud and they have no side effect on the skin. It is easy to maintain the skin through scrubbing because other than giving you an even tone; it makes you feel fresh every time.  This third tip is another simple remedy on how to remove blackheads.

Other people may not know How to remove blackheads because they will find it difficult to talk about the problem with other people who can assist. Remedies like honey are good at removing black heads but most people may not know of it. First honey is a moisturizer and blackheads sometimes develop due to lack of moisture in the skin. An application of honey twice a day will help the problem fade away.  Honey soothes the skin making it smoother and increases the strength of melanin too. It can also protect the skin from ultra-violent rays.

Since honey is a cheap element, you can use a half a cup every day especially when going to bed. Apply on the face and leave it for twenty minutes, then rinse it off with warm water. This is the quickest remedy as it takes two weeks to realize the results. Before application of honey, wash your face with warm water and wipe it with a clean face towel.   Applying honey to the affected area is a real simple remedy and probably the best tip available on how to remove blackheads.

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