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Blackheads on the Back: How to Remove Blackheads on the Back

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Blackheads on the back are equally as embarrassing, if not more embarrassing than blackheads on the face.   At least the ones on the face are exposed to the environment and sometimes it is hard for them to irritate. The ones on the back are hard to bear because as they are covered by clothes they react when it gets hot and someone can get embarrassed through abnormal itching.

Issues affecting Blackheads on the Back

  • Heat – Blackheads on the back react when it gets hot
  • Difficult to treat – Because they are on the back their location makes it difficult to treat
  • Usually bigger than normal
  • Cause more irritation and discomfort – Blackheads on the back can cause the sufferer more irritation and discomfort because they are located in a place that is difficult for the sufferer to reach and treat

Since Blackheads on the back are hard to contain,  most of them will need a dermatologist to have a look at them. First it is not easy to reach them with your hand so it becomes hard for you apply any homemade remedies. Second this can prevent one from wearing bikinis while swimming so your life can get really boring with such skin conditions.

How to Remove Blackheads on the Back

  • Find a good Dermatologist
  • Soak the body in a warm bath daily
  • Steam the body
  • Spa Scrubbing
  • Daily Morning Work Out
  • Blackhead Extractor

There is a simple solution for removing  blackheads on the back. Soaking the body in warm water every day will be a good idea. These helps in melting down the fats, open the pores and improve circulation of oxygen. For those who can afford steaming the body, it is a good idea to do it every morning before going to work.

The biggest problem about blackheads on the back is that they are usually bigger than normal. This can cause irritation and discomfort. It is good to find out if there is a dermatologist who can handle the bigger blackheads without damaging the skin.   Since you cannot squeeze blackheads on the back because of their location, having a professional, such as a dermatologist look and give advice is warranted.   A good dermatologist will give you medication and good soaps to use while bathing. Avoid soaps that have too much perfume because most of them will end up aggravating the situation.

How to Get Rid of Black Heads Naturally

  • Use a warm towel or cloth to apply pressure to the blackheads on the back
  • Lemon is an excellent extractor for blackheads on the back
  • Honey

Use a warm towel or a warm cloth on the blackheads on the back to squeeze the fats out. You can have someone help you do this because the back is not easy to apply n your own. Lie on your stomach and have someone put some lemon on your back at the areas that have been affected by the blackheads.  Lemon is a fat extractor and it removes blackheads faster than any other remedy. You can also use honey to remove the blackheads of course with the help of someone. This will prevent inflammation as other methods are unbearable at the beginning.

Try visiting the spa for a scrub, blackheads on the back can be removed through scrubbing. At the back you can use salt scrub because the back skin is hard enough and it can stand the salt unlike the facial skin. Scrub the skin twice every week and steam it every day after scrubbing it.  As hard as it may sound it is the fastest way to get rid of blackheads on the back. Work out every morning in the gym of on the road to burn excessive fats from the system.

You can also try using blackhead extractors made of stainless steel metals. This can be found in hypermarkets or in the chemists. But, before buying one, make sure that you have been advised by a dermatologist. Some of these extractors are not so good for the skin and they can end up making it worse for the skin. Find it easy to treat blackheads on the back, first by accepting that you have a problem and second by trying hard to ensure that the problem disappears through persona efforts before paying a visit to the dermatologist.

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