What Causes Blackheads And How To Get Rid Of Them

Tips for what causes blackheads

What Causes Blackheads is one question all sufferers need to know and understand before looking for a plan on how to get rid of them.   The problematic skin condition is caused from a variety of things and is often very difficult to eliminate. Luckily, there are steps to take that will eliminate the common issues and leave the face feeling refreshed. Having a solid idea of what causes blackheads will help to alleviate the common affliction.

What is A Blackhead

A blackhead is a small black acne mark that appears on the surface of the skin. Although they can occur anywhere on the body, those who understand what causes blackheads know that the most common locations are the face, back and ears. This is due to the large number of sweat glands that are located in these regions.

Understanding What Causes Blackheads

  • clogged sebaceous glands or pores
  • hormones
  • poor diet
  • oily skin
  • oily hair

Several factors go into understanding what causes blackheads. One problem is that the sebaceous glands get clogged with dirt and debris. People who wear a lot of makeup and do not remove it properly tend to break out. Individuals who sweat a lot are especially prone to having skin issues. Hormones are another issue that answers the question of what causes blackheads. This is especially true for teens and during pregnancy.

Another factor, that answers the question of what causes blackheads is a poor diet. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables will help combat acne. Red meat helps by providing added zinc to the body. Whole grains provide the essential B vitamins that are shown to reduce breakouts. Drink plenty of water each day. Hydration allows for that soft facial glow that many people seek. Avoid eating too much fast food, as it is overly processed and contains a lot of fat.

An overly greasy face is one answer to what causes blackheads. Although moisturizing is great for the skin, it leaves behind a residue that will clog pores. Purchase a moisture cream that is not oil based. The market is full of high quality options that work well for those who are prone to breaking out.

Oily hair is another answer to what causes blackheads. Hair situated next to the face can leave behind a greasy film if not kept clean.

Treatments for What Causes Blackheads

Take regular showers to avoid getting a blackhead on the back or other body areas. Use a mild soap or a body wash that is specially formulated to reduce breakouts. Excess sweat on the body will clog pores and cause acne flare ups.

One way to easily resolve the problem of what causes blackheads, is by taking care to wash the face carefully before bed each night. It helps eliminate clogged pores, thus reducing the likelihood of developing a blackhead. In addition, it’s smart to wear makeup that is not oil based. Mineral foundations and powders are a great alternative to traditional products.

Treating a blackhead the moment it appears is important and is part of knowing what causes blackheads. There are several highly effective treatments and home remedies to help eliminate the condition. Pick a regimen and adhere to it strictly. Remember understanding what causes blackheads is only one step in treating the problem. An individual needs to be proactive in clearing the skin up.

Washing the face twice each day is the most effective method of getting rid of poor skin conditions. Use a gentle facial wash and cover the area in circular motions. Rinse with warm water and use a towel to pat dry. Finish up with a toner. Make sure it is not alcohol based to avoid unnecessary irritation and redness. Individuals who understand what causes blackheads will know why cleaning the face is so important.

Once a week it is good to use a mask. Pull hair out of the way and rub the face with the product. Allow it to sit for the allotted time. It usually takes twenty to thirty minutes. There will be some tautness and pulling during the process, but it is normal and there’s no need to worry. The skin should feel softer and it is a crucial step in knowing what causes blackheads.

For the nose and forehead, strips are available. Apply one to the area and simply pull it off after several minutes. They are very effective and easy to use. In the process of understanding what causes blackheads and how to eliminate them, it is a vital step.

What causes blackheads? There are a number of factors that lead to skin breakouts. The most important thing is to treat them promptly and avoid foods or products that cause flare ups. The complexion will look great and there will no longer be a need to know what causes blackheads.

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